Ode to the Potrillos Burrito

Heaven hath no treasure like the Potrillos Burrito, from Los Potrillos in Camas, WA.* There it is. Go ahead, take a moment. Bask in its deliciousness. See that, drizzled all over it? They call this red concoction "our special burrito sauce," which is latin for crack cocaine. This is not enchilada sauce, or salsa, or… Continue reading Ode to the Potrillos Burrito


Me and Football: A Love Story

Recently on The Nutshell Version, I discussed my hatred of soccer. You might have read that and thought, “Oh, I get it. Susie must be a typical girl who hates all sports.” First of all, you’re a sexist and I don’t like you. But second of all… yes. You’re right. With one major (non-fictional) exception.… Continue reading Me and Football: A Love Story