What it’s Like to Become a Homeowner

Well, readers, I have some news! After 10 months of living at home with my parents, I finally saved up enough for a modest down payment and I am - drum roll - PURCHASING my own place!!! I do not exaggerate when I say that I have been waiting for this day my whole life.… Continue reading What it’s Like to Become a Homeowner


On Tomorrows

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The other night I found myself reading through my old high school journals, and they all started and ended like that: short, clipped sentences, dense and muscular but starved for context. (I think I was reading a lot of Chuck Palahniuk at the time.) “We lost the football game last night,” one… Continue reading On Tomorrows


On Tears, Depression, and Mixing Metaphors

Sometimes I feel it before it comes. Sometimes it builds in me, like a cough does – the way you track the tickle of it up your esophagus. You brace yourself, then; you cover your mouth, you look off into the middle distance expectantly. You give the apologetic one-finger to whoever you’re talking to. It… Continue reading On Tears, Depression, and Mixing Metaphors