SoozCrooz: Day 5

I honestly had no intention of posting a recap of Day 5 – because Day 5’s itinerary (here’s where I pause for dramatic effect) was Los Angeles. I know, I know. I’m sorry for sullying your eyeballs with the very mention of that dreadful excuse for a city – it still horrifies me to think… Continue reading SoozCrooz: Day 5


SoozCrooz: Day 4

Before I start on Day 4, allow me to back up to Day 3 after my last post. Once I was properly dressed and warm, I consulted my cruise directory for my activity options for the evening. These are usually slim, considering that their demographic is the 60+ crowd… but one option was “jackpot bingo.”… Continue reading SoozCrooz: Day 4


On Tears, Depression, and Mixing Metaphors

Sometimes I feel it before it comes. Sometimes it builds in me, like a cough does – the way you track the tickle of it up your esophagus. You brace yourself, then; you cover your mouth, you look off into the middle distance expectantly. You give the apologetic one-finger to whoever you’re talking to. It… Continue reading On Tears, Depression, and Mixing Metaphors