Okay guys, I’m gonna be honest here.

I just spent 2+ hours writing a witty and wonderful post about Natalie Portman, but when I went to post it my ancient computer crashed, and I lost it all. I spent exactly 26 seconds thinking about trying to recreate the post, but then decided to just start crying and cursing technology instead.

I’m sorry that I’m leaving you post-less today.

In lieu of a new post, however, feel free to check out my new Contact and FAQ pages.

…Please excuse me while I go set fire to my laptop.

5 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Sending virtual hugs your way! Losing an entire piece after having written it is every writer/blogger/student’s worst nightmare. I feel your pain 😦

  2. I feel your pain! I had to get a new laptop three days ago because it died on me. Now I have an intense loathing for Windows 8. Change is NEVER good, Susie. Did WordPress save enough of the draft for you to work off?

  3. Ugh – the worst. I sometimes surprise myself with the words that find their way out of my mouth when my computer crashes. Glad you got some updates in anyway!

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