Turns out age 26 is actually the greatest

I'm sorry. I'm going to disappoint you all. I'm not going to talk about a single thing I said I would in my last post. Because the fact is, I'm frankly incapable of talking about (or thinking about, or reading about, or dreaming about) anything other than what I'm about to tell you. ...You guys.… Continue reading Turns out age 26 is actually the greatest


Birthday tomorrow, quarterlife crisis today.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be 25 years old. Yay, happy birthday to me! I'll be able to rent a car! And get cheaper car insurance! It'll be a really exciting automotive year, no doubt about it. Also, though... at 25, I will officially be (if I haven't been already) in my "mid 20s." I will have… Continue reading Birthday tomorrow, quarterlife crisis today.