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How to Write a Blog Post (in 26 easy steps!)

1. Talk about writing your blog post. Talk about it all day long. Tell yourself, your boyfriend, the pictures on the wall. You are going to write a blog post today, damnit. Make sure everybody knows. 2. Set aside time. Schedule a date with your blog, pencil it into your day calendar, and stick to… Continue reading How to Write a Blog Post (in 26 easy steps!)


On Train Tracks & Stopwatches

Dear Time,I would like to thank you, first of all, for everything you've done – for that matter, everything you are. By our very definition, we humans are chaotic and barbaric – and without you, Time, we might give way to our more disorderly nature. You are the train conductor of our lives, tapping your… Continue reading On Train Tracks & Stopwatches