Ode to the Potrillos Burrito

Heaven hath no treasure like the Potrillos Burrito, from Los Potrillos in Camas, WA.* There it is. Go ahead, take a moment. Bask in its deliciousness. See that, drizzled all over it? They call this red concoction "our special burrito sauce," which is latin for crack cocaine. This is not enchilada sauce, or salsa, or… Continue reading Ode to the Potrillos Burrito


On Snacks and Taxes

Sit down boys and girls, and I’ll tell you a tale. About taxes, adulthood, and thinking things through. Take heed of the dangers of snacking and snail mail! Kids, I spilled guacamole on my W-2. The IRS website was awfully picky On page order, staples, and what to include. So getting it perfect is terribly… Continue reading On Snacks and Taxes