Throwback Thursday: The Nutshell Version Turns 1!

GUESS. WHAT. After the next Hunger Games movie comes out, they're going to start releasing prequels so the ADVENTURE ISN'T OVER YET. (In unrelated news: I have the literary and cinematic maturity of a 13-year-old girl.) That's not actually what I was gonna say, though. Guess what else! That's right - this week marks my one-year… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Nutshell Version Turns 1!


What a Lovely Blog.

Something you should know about me: I am the worst person, ever, when it comes to following up with stuff. This is partially because I really want to devote time and thought to my responses to things... which gets me in trouble, because I don't exactly have a ton of time or thought to spare. [tweet]… Continue reading What a Lovely Blog.


Writing About Writing About Writing

When I first started blogging, and specifically when I began reading others' blogs, I remember being surprised how much writing there was out there... about writing. It seemed like for every blog post I came across about someone's childhood, there was another guiding writers how to write a blog post about their childhood. I didn't realize writing about writing was even a thing, and… Continue reading Writing About Writing About Writing

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Things I’ve Learned About Writing (And Life)

I know, guys. I'm the worst. Admittedly, Spiderman is pretty entertaining... but likely not enough so to keep you occupied for my entire - GASP - two week absence. This month has just been so unbelievably jam-packed busy with multiple weekend trips to Seattle, a houseguest, and my brand new job... that I don't even know… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Writing (And Life)

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How to Write a Blog Post (in 26 easy steps!)

1. Talk about writing your blog post. Talk about it all day long. Tell yourself, your boyfriend, the pictures on the wall. You are going to write a blog post today, damnit. Make sure everybody knows. 2. Set aside time. Schedule a date with your blog, pencil it into your day calendar, and stick to… Continue reading How to Write a Blog Post (in 26 easy steps!)